New in game panel faa charts very laggy

After I downloaded a recent update in the navagraph hub application. I noticed a couple of things in VR. one My plane logo or icon is so small You can barely see it on the map and 2. The FAA sectional charts create a huge issue with frame rate and lagginess. My frame rate drops probably 5 to 10 fps. My CPU latency skyrockets and has severe lag…

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For the scale issues, please see these already existing topics:

Regarding the FAA sectionals - the new update has not introduced anything new in this aspect. There should be zero difference in the performance between the two!

Here is the old panel if you want to make a comparison yourself: (39.3 KB)

Please keep in mind that there have been a small sim update and a new beta release, so the simulator has also changed slightly and I cannot verify if this has affected the panel in any way.

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I have tried again last night and the pointer is back to normal. But when you zoom in on the sectional charts my fps drops to 10 and very high cpu latency. I have Not updated sim update 15 beta so this should gave no affect. If you would like me to video it I can and will post it on my channel 2020fs’ers if you don’t believe me which seems like that is your position as you said there should be no difference in that aspect from the last updated . Whether there is a difference or not in the code this has no bearing on what I experience with frame drops and lag it is what it is.

No, but it has a bearing on where the problem lies - in our code or the simulator.

Good! But there has been a patch update and a Dune-themed update as well!

I have not taken any position, I am pointing out the many variables that might have changed here besides the in-game panel. Did you have a chance to try the old version that I sent you?

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I have tested the other file you sent and that 1 works fine no issues no drops in fps no matter how far i zoom in and that is the issue with the new version . so the issue is with your software not the sim, possibly how your software interacts with the sim. It would have been much better of an experience on my end if you instead of trying to tell me its probably the sim or that it cant be the software because you(navigraph) havent changed the coding but instead tell me “i’m sorry you are experiencing this issue please try this older version and see if that works for you so we can try and ascertain whether it is a issue with the new coding or sim update if the older version works for you”. I hope you can see the difference here. What you said is somewhat confrontational and what I said is being empathetic and helpful to rectify the situation.

I see that must I have expressed myself in a way that is open to interpretation. My intention was exactly this - to rule out any other factors that could affect this scenario! I had no intention of being confrontational, so I am sorry if I came across that way.

In particular, this sentence:

Could absolutely have been:

Reading my posts again while trying to interpret it as confrontational, I can see what you mean. I should have expressed myself in a different way that is less open to interpretations from the beginning. Sorry about that! This likely resulted in us setting off on the wrong foot.

I hope we can continue this conversation in a respectful manner, I will do my best to not leave things up for interpretation!

What if I told you that the file was the same? Would you believe me? :slight_smile: This is an interesting observation, but to give some technical insight here:

Both versions load the same Charts interface, located on our servers and not in the panel itself. This means that there is virtually no difference in the way that the map is displayed.

In addition to this, I am not able to reproduce any abnormal frame drops when using the FAA sectionals myself. I don’t have a VR headset, so I can’t make a fully authentic scenario, but MSFS has a developer feature built-in for this exact scenario. Here is what it looks like when I use it:

As you can see, there are no unexpected amounts of frames dropped.

This all being said, one venue that I would like to explore is if scaling could have anything to do with this! To begin this investigation, could you please verify if you see the same frame drops if you don’t use VR?

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Before the Dune update the Navigraph Chart panel impact on VR performance was negligible (1 FPS?). Yesterday it was consuming half of the FPS on 4090 and Ryzen 7800x3D (drop from 40+ to 20+).

I will check with the most current version of the panel.

My hypothesis: Asobo broke the ability for the panel to recognize if it works in VR or 2D. This triggers scaling issue. Maybe the panel now work in VR in massive resolution which triggers FPS drop.

Hello @StekuPilot ! I moved your post here as it seems highly related. If you disagree with this decision, please let me know!

Did you install the updated panel version before the Dune update? And did it work as expected then?

Are you also using the FAA map preset in the panel?

This is an interesting hypothesis. Does the panel not cause the same frame drop when it is run in 2D mode?

And finally, does the issue go away for you too if you download this version?

Lots of questions, I know. Trying to figure out what’s going on here, regardless of whether it is caused by our code or something that Asobo changed.

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Sure I have no hard feelings . You apologized and we can move on… thank you for saying what you did. Ok so would I believe you if it was the same lol no because I see a noticeable difference so my logical mind is saying something is different maybe placement of coding idk just throwing out ideas. I can test the new version with and without vr again and I will take screen shots for you . Then I’ll test the old version you sent me both in and out of vr and take screen shots. Ps they need to get you a vr set ,how can I make a recipe for something if I don’t have an oven to test it in.
Thanks Jon k

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Sounds good! Those test results would be much appreciated!

Your suggestion has been noted :wink:

ok so now your gonna be just as confused as i am right now… i started the test with the old version because i had it installed from the zip you gave me. results good in vr and 2d no drop in performance and i am testing this in the same conditions clear skys ,same plane ,same spot and no live traffic. also this issue is only with the faa sectionals . Then I closed the sim, opened the nav hub and clicked install . then loaded back in, 2d was about the same fps and 3d mode no lag now … i zoomed all the way in until the faa chart switched back to vfr chart. before when i zoomed in during the fps drops the chart did not switch like that it stayed on faa chart, that is the 1st observation. 2nd the only other thing i did was manually remove the insim panel folder from the community folder when i installed the older version that you gave me, possibly that has something to do with it. im very confused now because i was dealing with this issue for at least a week or more.

I did a quick test and with the current (from the Navigraph hub) version of Navigraph Chart panel in VR (Pimax Crystal) I no longer observe this massive FPS drop from 40+ to 20+.
There is an FPS drop to 20+ for a second or two each time when the charts panel enters the field of view (I keep it on my copilots seat), but it instantly recovers to 40+ FPS.

Do I understand correctly that it is now back to working as expected for you with the latest version, even when viewing FAA sectionals?

Can you confirm that this is while using the FAA sectionals?

Yes everything seems fine now .

No, I don’t fly in USA, I tested with vector VFR map.

Roger, thanks anyways!

I am happy to hear it. Just let me know if it happens again!

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I am getting a huge FPS drop in VR with Navigraph Charts using the FAA Sectionals Layer in Sim Update 15 Beta. The fps goes from 50 down to 20 with the sectionals layer active. If I choose another layer such as IFR Low/High, VFR World Map the fps returns to normal. As soon as I try FAA again the fps tanks. It’s going from 50 fps down to 19. I just updated the Navigraph Charts panel in the app today and the issue persists. FAA sectionals are unusable for me currently in VR.

In my headset I can see the CPU frame time increase from 10ms to around 24 ms and the GPu frame time from 19ms to 23ms with the sectionals later active. This causes the fps drop.

When switching to another layer I am back to 50 fps and cpu frame time of 10ms and GPU of 19.

Hello @thetford569 !

I moved your post here since it is a duplicate, and we want to keep the forum organized.

While we have several reports of this issue now being gone, you are saying that this is not the case - so let’s investigate!

Could you try the steps provided earlier in this topic? Specifically this:

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Well I am still in the flight that I was in and was just going to not use the FAA charts for this flight. I was still having the issue but then I changed the panel from “day” to “night” and loaded the FAA Sectionals again and now the FPS is fine. I switched back to “day” mode and the FPS is still fine. I am no longer having that drop. I will try a new flight later to see if it still happens again.

That’s… interesting! Yes, please do keep us posted!