Plane pointer in VR very small

Almost invisible it is so small. None of the obvious size changing items in settings seem to effect it. How do I make it bigger?

PS It was fine until the latest update.

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We’ll look into this. What interface scale did you use in the Charts panel settings?

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Maps on 2x and interface on 100%

Thank you! We’ll investigate as soon as possible.

Hmmm, could you provide a screenshot of what it looks like for you? I don’t have a VR headset, but this is what I see in the MSFS “Fake VR” API:

This looks OK to me?

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I am not sure how to take a screenshot in VR but here are two of the mirror. The aircraft is located at the start of tyhe magenta line. Pic 2 is a blowup of this area.

I just did another flight and I noticed if I only have the chart selected (not as map overlay) then the pointer size is normal. As soon as I turn on map overlay the pointer returns to a miniscule size)

How does it look when you use 4x map scale?

Does the size of the plane icon size change if you increase the interface scale (which is at 120% in your screenshot)?

No, it does not change across all scales both map and interface.

That’s very odd! I am not able to reproduce this issue, and I don’t see any reason why this should have changed either. Which headset are you using?

It’s a Pimax Chrystal. Today I tried deleting the in-game panel in the Hub and reinstalling. Also noted that using in plane charts (on the MFD) the pointer is the correct size but of course there are no overlays this way and it works correctly on non-overlayed charts in the Navigraph panel as well.

I would like to add that in addition to the tiny plane pointer, the OFP page is also tiny type. So small it’s unreadable. Also, the OFP type face as well as the map type face change with the size of the window, so that if you make the window huge you can see it but if you try to make it smaller (like the size of an iPad mini), then the type becomes so small you can’t read it. All these observations done with 4X map scale and 100% interface scale. Also, the map type face (waypoints, NDBs, OVRs, etc) shrinks the further out you zoom the map. This has been an issue before but was fixed several updates ago (encompassing several months). This almost always happens when you guys have some kind of interface update.

This is all occuring in VR
I use Varjo Aero

Thank you for the additional insights!

I don’t have a VR headset to try this on, and based on your experience it seems like the “Fake VR” API built into the simulator for developer use does not provide a good enough alternative. I am not sure how to get around this, but we’ll try to think of something!

I do not have any reports of such regressions for anyone using the panel outside of VR, and as mentioned I can not reproduce it in the fake environment.

This is quite interesting, and it points to certain things working in a completely different way in the VR environment.

This sounds very unexpected. Could you record this somehow?

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Playing around some more I notice that using the panel outside of VR the pointer size on the map remains the same size no matter what zoom is used. If zoomed way out the pointer size can cover hundreds of miles. It does not really matter as generally it is used zoomed in to a reasonable level and the the pointer is then an appropriate size. However the fact that the pointer size does not change when zooming maybe an indication of what is wrong in VR.

I also noted that the waypoint name size changes (zoomed in it is smaller, zoomed out it is bigger). I am sure that is what the pointer used to do too.

Yes, they should be scaled in the same way. I am not sure why it would not be, but we’ll try to investigate!

Hello again!

I have just pushed an update that could help with this issue. Please try it out and let me know how it works!

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I was today flying in VR (Pima Crystal) with the version of Navigraph Charts prior the today’s update. Besides the tiny interface elements, the Navigraph Charts panle also caused massive performance drop in VR from 45 to 25 FPS (7800x3D, 4090). When the panel was closed the FPS went back to 45FPS.

Developer of VSR (Vatsim Radio) VR panel also reported issues with interface scaling in VR after WU Caribbean.

Thank you, you have fixed it.

Impressive that you fixed a VR problem without a VR headset. I suggest your bosses buy you one ;-). The Pimax Crystal is pretty good.

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I am happy to hear it!

@StekuPilot would you mind trying again with the fixes that were released yesterday? The interface scale issues should be gone

The performance impact is expected and has been explained many times in this forum. We can’t do anything about it - the simulator and the panel are forced to share resources - if the panel needs to process something, the simulator needs to wait and vice versa. The only way around this is to not run the panel, but instead run the desktop application and somehow bring that into the VR environment.

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