Please make Navigraph Charts VR Compatible

This is a must for VR users.



Thank you for your interest and feedback.

I assume you are talking about Microsoft Flight Simulator now. We’re working on several things, most recently Working Title added a charts function to their CJ4 cockpit MFD panel which allows full VR use. Similarly FBW are adding the same to the EFB in their A32NX mod. We are also working on a standalone in-sim app/panel.

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That’s a great news! Can’t wait to be finally able to see charts in VR!

Thank you and keep on pushing your great prod development!

Yeah, I mentioned in another post, an option to select Navigraph functions from the in-game top menu option bar would be helpful. Much like you can do with default VFR map, but be able to access the moving map and pdf charts and other great features Navigraph has. Right now I dont use my Navigraph in the sim because I have to take off my headset to look at it, put on my reading glasses, etc. My Oculus Rift S has issues creating floating windows inside of MSFS2020 if it isnt native to MSFS2020. (Works much better using XP11). But it has no problems bringing up floating windows from the menu bar in MSFS. If Navigraph could be accessed through the menu bar, I would use it constantly.


This very feature is in final testing. :grinning:




Best news I’ve heard all year. Thanks!

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Please download and install the latest version of the Navdata updater app (now named Navigraph Navdata Center) from Navigraph Navdata Beta you will have a new option:

  • Install the In-Game Panel and launch a flight in MSFS.
  • Press the Navigraph logo in the in-game toolbar to launch Navigraph Charts.
  • Sign in by scanning the QR code.

You should now be logged in to Charts inside the sim!


i kept crashing clicking “ready to fly” and i figured out why

its currently not compatible with the FSKneeboard app by christian1984 so remove that for now until they fix it

also logged me out once after i minimized it and then crashed when i reopened it, so theres clearly some bugs to be worked out

it keeps logging me out constantly. If you switch to vr mode after logging in it logs you out, if you close it and reopen it it seems to sometimes log you out, etc

everything is too small in vr and if you try to make it larger so its legible as soon as you let go of the mouse it readjusts and its unreadable again, just a larger map

I’m loving it! Had the best flight since months with full charts integration in VR. Thank you!

Best wishes, Alex

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Sorry to hear about the issues.

About the constant logouts - are you using moving maps? If yes, if you disable moving maps does it stay logged in longer?



This is brilliant news, well done to the team, I look forward to trying them out tomorrow and with a day off! A day in VR with navigraph sounds great

Thank you to all the team behind this

Kind regards stuart

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Yes using moving maps

well it seems the second time im trying here after a restart its not logging me out, so thats great.

Still extremely difficult to read in VR

Great Job. A couple of observations:

1-The search function will be a pain to use due to the need to take off the goggles to type on the keyboard.

2-Typing in the search box activates SIM commands…That is a major issue. This is present in both 2D and VR. Any way to do a floating keyboard to enter the airport name?

3-Switching from outside view to inside view resets the panel if you are in VR. In 2D this is not an issue as the window remains open whether you are in or out of the plane. Will this be fixed?

Regardless, this is great progress and we look forward to more features and better integration in VR.


I echo the others above with congrats on a fantastic job, and thank you for doing this, truly a game changer. Some observations:

  1. As above it does reset whenever you go on the outside view which is a minor thing for me

  2. Is it possible that the Simbrief OFP be somehow integrated into this so users either with a tablet or VR can have one “EFB” to have all the information required without having to take the headset of and then back on to enter information like waypoints, or for the tablet, without having to minimize the app to switch to the a web browser to read the OFP on the simbrief website?

Thank you

if you have the game in 4k, the font doesn’t scale properly and will be almost impossible to read in vr. if you switch the game to 1440p, the text becomes legible.

However, the behavior where zooming in with the scroll wheel or enlarging it with the mouse remains for me. (scroll wheel only increases the font size for a split second before reverting to default / enlarging the window with the mouse only increases font size before letting go of the mouse button)

Brilliant!!! Great in VR as I need something to help with taxi instructions at large airports. However, like the others, signing in is a major challenge in VR. I have to enlarge the window and then take off my headset and try to line up the view so I can see the QAR symbol. Then with the other hand I have to try to line up my phone camera to capture the symbol. Really challenging!!! Thank you though, this is a game changer.

Hi guys,

Thank you for the feedback so far. It seems like the main potential issues are:

  • Size of UI elements/fonts on 4k screen. It doesn’t scale as in a regular browser
  • It seems to reset somehow when switching views to the outside view
  • A virtual keyboard is needed when viewing this in vr + prevent key presses being sent to sim
  • Some users report CTD if activating panel first and then starting flight

We’ll look into these and see what can be done.




Thank you for the quick feedback. The key presses are sent to sim in and out of VR. This is an issue not limited to navigraph. The FBWA320 suffers from the same issue in their tablet. The only solution is to use a separate keyboard within the tablet ( that’s what the CRJ does). I am just not sure if you can do that within a panel …

Amaaaaaaaaazing. Thank you Navigraph!


Finally. Great job you guys. I just made my first full instrument flight in a TBM to KSBN. I was able to log in OK, bring up all the charts I needed and not have to take off my Rift headset the whole flight. Everything worked fine except no flight tracking on the map. But the ability to access all the IAP charts is awesome. No bugs I could find so far. Thanks a lot!