Navigraph in-game panel not bringing up log-in screen for charts

Two days ago installed the new MSFS 2020 update with no problems showing up for subsequent flights with Navigraph charts in-game panel. Today noticed there was a new update for Navigraph via Navdata center so installed the Navdata center update, and then removed and installed AIRAC and in-game panel updates using it. Logged onto sim and found that clicking on Navigraph in-game panel no longer brought up log-in page or charts as before. Checked that both Airac cycle addons (Base 0.1.0) (2113 rev1) and Navigraph Chart In-game Panel (v.1.1) were indeed listed as installed in content manager. Logged out of sim and removed/installed Navdata center updates. Same result. Reinstalled Navdata center. Same result. Reinstalled Simlink. Same result. Took everything out of community folder except the Navigraph items. Same result. At a loss at what to do next. Noteable that using the G3000 could indeed bring up my charts on it. Just can’t do it through in-game panel.

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Your issue is a mystery. Can you sign in and run Charts Desktop and Charts Cloud ?

We are investigating…


I have no problem running Charts Desktop or Charts Cloud. I just can’t get the in-game panel to bring up charts. Have tried removing and reloading in-game panel through Navdata Center, no help.

Does the In-game panel frame load but the contents are white? Could you please post a screenshot how it looks after you press the Navigraph icon in the toolbar.



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similar problem, just started today (jan 11) …have done everything to try to fix except reinstalling MSFS or Windows… fingers crossed it’s just a server or connection issue, but haven’t had any problem loggin into desktop charts

I had the same problem as psimmons4 today.

I uninstalled Airac and Panel, then reinstalled them. Rebooted computer with the result that everything is now OK.

I tried the same with no luck (at the time), came back about 2 hours later and in-game panel worked fine as well as G3000 charts. must have just been a server/connection error.

Now close to the end of January and we still have to log in every time to use the charts?

Are you still seeing this issue? The source of the issue was tracked down and this should not happen anymore. Please let us know if you still experience this issue!

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Every time I open MSFS

Alright, I have tried and failed to reproduce this 20+ times, and we have no evidence on our servers that this is still an issue. In order to help you further, I would need more information. Please enable developer mode in MSFS (if you have not already) and do the following:

  1. Open http://localhost:19999 in a browser while the simulator is up and running
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list that appears, and select the link containing the word NavigraphPanel
  3. In the interface that appears, select the “Console” tab located along the top of the screen
  4. Focus the simulator window and try to load a flight through the panel until it crashes
  5. Open the browser window, scroll to the bottom of the log and take a screenshot, then attach it to your next post. Please be mindful that the log will include lots of errors that are completely irrelevant and expected from any panel (even built-in) at the beginning, so make sure to scroll all the way down.

As a reference, these are our logs:

And these are NOT:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Not there

Mine are the red ones - only after loading a flight - no Navigraph before loading the flight

Roger, this looks odd. Is the panel available inside the simulator at all? That is, can you select the Navigraph Panel from the toolbar?

Uninstalled everything Navigraph and re-installed.
Back to square 1.
Panel loads automatically, but will not sign in, automatically
Same issue

If I understand you correctly, then this is not the same issue. Unfortunately, due to limitations in the simulator, we are not able to persist your credentials between simulator sessions. You have to sign in every time you restart the simulator.

Apologies for this, but there is nothing we can do without compromising the security of our users and their accounts, which we are not willing to do.

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Thanks, then this becomes a paperweight.

No other Navigraph products require sign in every time I start my computer.

You are very correct about that. Every other product we have is completely managed by us, and none depend on the efforts of other developer teams.

I understand and respect your decision, but keep the panel in the back of your mind in case we would somehow find a way to “cheat the system” in the future! We have a few internal experiments, but ultimately nothing will be released until we can guarantee that your information is protected when stored.

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