In Game panel stopped working

My ingame panel shows "Loading Navigraph Charts, , ,‘’ and a never ending revolving circle. The panel can not be moved or closed except with the MSFS menu.

I can pull up charts ok in EFBs and load Simbrief flight plans. I can also use the external app fine.

Started after updating sym link (maybe a coincidence)

Any help/suggestions appreciated.


In Navigraph Hub v 1.2.2 try removing and installing Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel 8.3.

If still an issue, try setting a different default browser maybe Chrome as a test.


I tried that but problem persists. Also tried removing everything in Hub and installing again, Chrome was already my default so changed to Edge. That did not help. As per the pic, stays like this until I close the panel using the microsoft menu.

Further research reveals that if I remove the Airac (2306 rev 3) then start MSFS it works OK (I guess with MSFS data). If I then close MSFS and install the Airac again, then the same error occurs as above.

Anything further to help with this?

If not I will post the query on MSFS forums.

Hi! The panel seems to be online on our end, so I would assume that the panel is being blocked on your network for some reason.

When the panel is stuck on that screen, please:

  1. Open http://localhost:19999 in a browser
  2. Select “Navigraph Charts” in the list that shows up.
  3. Along the top edge of the screen, find the tab labeled “Console” and open it
  4. The screen will show a lot of red messages, 99% of which are completely normal and expected. Please scroll to the top and take some screenshots, the reason should be revealed somewhere in this log!

Sorry for the inconvenience, this is the best thing we have when it comes to debugging the panel in the simulator unfortunately.

Kind Regards,

Did as you asked above. Reinstalled the Airac and started MSFS. Opened the Navigraph panel and . . . everything worked properly. Very mysterious but I’m happy.

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