Multiple addon sceneries, priorities and the "double runway" effect

@froemmelm Is that supposed to be EDDS from Gravity? Can’t 100% tell from your screenshots as there are quite some differences (can’t see the taxiway e.g.). Because I followed the instructions in FAQ - Double scenery elements and it looks fine to me:

This is my Context.xml after the instructions:
Content.xml (4.6 KB)

@NAVData just for clarification, in Release notes - AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 5 you write if the freeware scenery “Aerosoft Paderborn” is installed, this package MUST BE on the first line in the content.xml file. As you can see in my Context.xml it’s not on the top after following the instruction, but I also have Paderborn installed from the Aerosoft installer inside the Community folder and not via the Marketplace in Official/OneStore, so I’m not sure if it should still go on top of all the internal packages. I haven’t noticed any problems yet.