Multiple addon sceneries, priorities and the "double runway" effect

My issue was referring to gravity EDDS. Is there anything the guys who created the scenery could do to fix that? The scenery this group has created is just marvellous.

thanks for coming back with this and I guess, I have some good news for you:

We will release a new revision 15 in the next couple of hours, where we had made some internal changes and fixes to solve such issues. Here a screenshot with the new revision:

Indeed the scenery looks great but it´s not clear for me, why they had added waypoint and terminal procedures - because they must maintain this kind of information every 28 days. That´s exactly the reason, why sceneries and navdata should be splitted. And of course, it´s a support question also - because I assume, that when someone identified any issue in the procedures, he/she will report it here but we are not the provider …

That´s not the best way in my eyes. Such data has nothing todo in a scenery … but that´s my personal view.


Hello Richard,

thank you for your support. If every developer worked that way …
It is good to hear that things will be fixed and I will inform the gravity team about this thread about separating nav data from scenery. Again, many thanks,



I talked to the group on their discord and they say they had to enter all the nav data manually because MSFS did not have anything for EDDS as it did not exist in the vanilla version of the sim. Seems they are now considering splitting their scenery into two parts - scenery and navdata for non-navigraph users.
And again, I cannot stress this enough, thank you for your great support.



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Hallo Matthias,
excellent, a very good idea :+1: … thank you very much for the update. Also, thank you very much for your kind words. We are also not perfect and we learn also with the sim, with every line of code and of course thru you, our customer … which is not an unimportant part in this business.

Thank you very much & Fröhliche Weihnachten :christmas_tree:


just installed the revision, and, fair enought, it is only one runway. But what a runway that is…

I don´t know


@froemmelm Is that supposed to be EDDS from Gravity? Can’t 100% tell from your screenshots as there are quite some differences (can’t see the taxiway e.g.). Because I followed the instructions in FAQ - Double scenery elements and it looks fine to me:

This is my Context.xml after the instructions:
Content.xml (4.6 KB)

@NAVData just for clarification, in Release notes - AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 5 you write if the freeware scenery “Aerosoft Paderborn” is installed, this package MUST BE on the first line in the content.xml file. As you can see in my Context.xml it’s not on the top after following the instruction, but I also have Paderborn installed from the Aerosoft installer inside the Community folder and not via the Marketplace in Official/OneStore, so I’m not sure if it should still go on top of all the internal packages. I haven’t noticed any problems yet.

Hi Jan,
haven´t moved my Paderborn scenery from the “Official/OneStore” - but interesting idea.

The strange thing is, when I delete my content.xml file and when I let the sim create this file, the Aerosoft Paderborn package is always on the top. Also, there is a freeware scenery RPUO ( I was in contact with this developer and he shared the source file - all looks good in his file, but the strange thing was, that when the Aerosoft Paderborn package was AFTER our package - this scenery shows double runways or only our runway, … so it was completely mess.

When the Aerosoft Paderborn is above our package, all is good and the scenery looks like it should. It would be great, when you can try to install the scenery on your system to see what happened.

Also, have you deleted the content.xml file or only manually re-ordered?

Thank you,

PS: I have changed the release notes slightly now … :roll_eyes:

Yes, it is gravity’s EDDS. All taxiways and aprons are gone but the buildings - like the newly modeled terminal, DHL and Tower are still there. I suppose there is something weird about caching going on.

Have you done this (point #2):


FINALLY! point#2 did the trick. Up until now I had manually edited the content.xml file to make sure the order is correct. All seems to be fine now - the holidays can finally come.
Thank you all, and a merry christmas to everyone. :santa::christmas_tree:

Woho … Christmas can come :+1: :christmas_tree: - Thanks for the feedback …

I’m not sure if that’s possible, as they are from different sources (Official/Onestore from the ingame store, Community from external Aerosoft installer) there might be differences (e.g. the one from the ingame store might be fsarchive-encrypted).

I have a problem with multiple airports in northern Quebec
Lots dont exist stock ingame, and I use those

I had double runways pretty much everywhere.
Downloaded the new update today, and had to manually set Navigraph’s priority to the bottom (did the procedure on the FAQ)

Now I dont have double runways, but grass is over most gravel runways, and I dont see ramps/taxiway anymore

I can speak directly to the maker of those airports if you find something that would help

*CYPX & CYPH are good exemples

but there is no instruction somewhere, that you should edit anything manually …


Please do exactly these steps …

I´m pretty sure, that the addon-scenery designer hadn´t set #1 from the FAQ. You should forward the guys there this part.


If I dont edit it, I have that (after doing all the steps you posted)

You wrote this … “had to manually set Navigraphs priority” … therefore!

Please can you upload your complete content.xml file …
Thank you

I meant that in the ‘‘content.xml’’ I had to change to position of ‘‘navigraph.navdata’’ to the bottom of the list to make it ‘‘works’’

Content.xml (10.6 KB)

Thanks for the file … it looks perfect. Sorry, I have misunderstood you …

I will recall my answer:
The sceneries doesn´t containt the “DeleteAirport” element from the FAQ. So, when able, please can you forward someone these information. The issue is, that when they don´t use this element in their scenery you have this double scenery effect …

I have tested the CYPX …

So, they should add this please and should try it again:


Please let me know, about the results :wink:
Thank you,

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