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we had all kinds of trouble with EDDS and gravity’s EDDS scenery because the airport was missing in the sim. We had double runways, hills and what not. The only way around was to edit the content.xml file and, I believe, navigraph at introduced a method to not load data for EDDS when gravity’s EDDS was installed, because they have the navdata in their scenery.

Multiple addon sceneries, priorities and the “double runway” effect - MSFS Navdata / Airport Scenery - Navigraph

I was wondering if, now that EDDS is in the base sim, things will get easier.

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Hi Mike,
I can´t really follow you - what do you expect with “easier”?

When you don´t use any addon scenery, it is simple installing the AIRAC and that´s it. When you will add an addon scenery, nothing is changed from ASOBOs side with their logic, so it´s the same process as for half a year (or longer) - but we can´t do anything for that.


Hello Richard,

thanks for your reply. I was referring the issues with sorting the content.xml. Every other update caused my content.xml to change and I had to rearrange the entries manually.
What is weird, however, since SU5 I have not tried the EDDS scenery by gravity. After installing and later deinstalling navigraph data again, all data for EDDS was gone. Only after I manually deleted the navigraph entry in the content.xml was I able to see MSFS’s procedures for EDDS again.
Also, when installing navigraph data, navigraph installed a simple runway for EDDS which is no longer necessary, I suppose.

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Just to clarify, this thread was not intended as a complaint or a bug report, more as a FYI that EDDS is now there and any workaround you might have come up with is now obsolete.

Thanks Mike - we know it. From AIRAC 2108 on, we handle EDDS as a normal default airport, means only adding the terminal procedures, but no runway or similar else. Also, as I wrote before, when you don´t use any addon scenery, the only task is to install the AIRAC files via Navigraph Navdata Center. No need to make manual changes in the content.xml file any more.

Here from the upcoming AIRAC 2108:


… and approaches:

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