MSFS Working Title CJ4 Refresh with Navigraph charts?

Hi Navigraph team, Working Title are about to launch a “CJ4 Refresh” at some point, which will be funded/supported directly by Microsoft/Asobo.

While the current WT CJ4 has Navigraph charts support aboard, WT have stated on their Discord that the official “CJ4 Refresh” is not going to have a native Navigraph charts implementation anymore. This is a huge downgrade for most simmers I would say, including myself (I actually use my Navigraph subscription only because of the WT CJ4).

Are you aware of this development? WT have stated that this is due to legal/licensing issues and their close ties with Microsoft. Is there a chance to bring charts back into the WT CJ4, maybe through a Navigraph mod, just like you are providing the in-game panel. For maximum realism, I’d still love to continue using the CJ4 virtual cockpit charts instead of using the Navigraph panel.

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Thank you for your comments and support. Let me just say that yes, we are aware of these developments. We’ll need to get back to you later on the future possibilities for Navigraph charts in the CJ4.

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