Navigraph charts not appearing in my CJ4 Working Title 12.5 Mod

The Navigraph charts, well integrated in Garmin 3000 Working Title 0.7.3 Mod like in Citation Longitude, but can’t generate in CJ4 working Title 12.5 Mod. Do you know about someone that already fixed this issue ?

What is the issue more precisely?

Did you read the CJ4 user guide on how to link your Navigraph account and how to access the charts (LWR menu etc)?


I’ve linked my simbrief pilot ID and Navigraph acount but I haven’t obtained the charts in CJ4 WT Mod. I have unistalled and reinstalled the CJ4 WT Mod many times but I still don’t get the charts in this Mod !

Stephen, thanks a lot !. I just tried using the upper an lower menus, and voila !. solved issue :ok_hand: :pray:

Glad to hear!

It isn’t super intuitive in the CJ4 but is made by WT to mimic reality. That’s why the user guide is recommended read.


I’ll do it carefully and thanks again !