Thank You Navigraph!


Today Working Title CJ4 released their latest update that includes the full Geo referenced Navigraph charts right in the aircraft’s PFD. This is definitely a trend setter in MSFS and is the first aircraft mod that offers this functionality.

Just like all the other WT CJ4 users, I like this very much. Most importantly I want to thank Navigraph team and the WT CJ4 developers for making this possible.

Quote: From MSFS Forum by WT

“Charts Integration
Charts in the CJ4 are powered by Navigraph - special thanks to the team at Navigraph for their support with API integration…”



Thank you for the kind words, which I’ll forward to the dev team. Yes it’s been great fun working with the WT devs, and their end result is really fantastic.

We just published a Blog post with an interview we did with the WT devs Domink and Matt. Check it out! Navigraph Charts in Working Title Cessna Citation... - Navigraph



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