AAU1 Update - Charts Inactive

Hello everyone. After i have installed the AAU1 update, i can not see the charts button as active on the Garmin screen. Same in the Citation Longitude and same in the TBM 930.
Why is that? Why i can not select the charts?
I have not got any problem in the FENIX, i can see the charts on EFB screen.


There is no Charts or SimBrief integration at all in the default Garmin units or in the default CJ4 included in the AAU1.

We plan to release mods that enable Charts and SimBrief integrations into these units. However, there is not yet any documentation or tools available to us, so this development has not started yet.

Please see MSFS Working Title CJ4 Refresh with Navigraph charts? - #12 by stephen for some additional information.

Fenix has been developed with Charts integration from the outset so therefore you see charts there.



Thank you for the information. With my respect…

Hello everyone.

In my humble opinion as well as probably many of those who subscribe to Navigrapch Charts to make this issue a priority. Among other things, it is precisely for looking at charts in onboard systems that I decided to sunsubscribe to a paid subscription.

Best regards to the Navigraph Charts team and all pilots in the virtual and non-virtual world.

The current lack of on-panel charts is something we’ve known was coming ever since Working Title got assimilated into the MSFS Borg and AAU1 was announced. MSFS is tied to NavBlue so there you go. HOWEVER, there are 3 bits of good news out of all this:

  1. The MSFS Borg is NOT actively preventing the eventual display of Navigraph charts. In fact, the “Charts” button still exists on the new panels, it’s just inactive right now. So, it’s on Navigraph to make that work but, as Navigraph stated above, they’re waiting on documentation from the Borg before they can get to work. So, we’ll get our charts back at some point, probably not too far off.

  2. In the meantime, the charts are still available from the toolbar. Not nearly as immersive but at least we have that.

  3. AND, we ARE getting better Garmins out this, too, don’t forget :slight_smile:

It’s not some prorite thing, but it would be good as it was early on. In the meantime, I will try to “poke around” and look for it myself :slight_smile:

Thank you…

Well, there’s not much looking to do. Navigraph charts are still available on-panel if you have the PMS50 version of the GTN750 and are flying a plane with that equipment. But they’re no longer available on-panel for any Borg panels–G1000, G3000, or G5000–because NavBlue has been assimilated but Navigraph has not (yet?).

The Borg has promised to make certain documentation on the Borg panels available to Navigraph so that Navigraph may then make a patch to allow Navigraph charts to display on Borg panels. Navigraph has stated it is poking the Borg every day on this very subject but so far, the Borg has not provided the information. So there things sit.

I personally don’t expect this situation to change at least until after the next major MSFS update or 2, whether it’s a World or a Sim Update. AAU1 only went live a few days ago and I’m sure the Borg wants time to fix anything major wrong with it before giving Navigraph the necessary info, because that info might need revision due to any needed hotfixes for AAU1. And then, of course, Navigraph will have to go through its own development and testing cycle before its patch is ready for us.

So just be patient. Navigraph knows how much its customers like on-panel charts and is chomping at the bit to get started making that possible again on the Borg panels. The Borg is not (at least overtly) anti-Navigraph and has said it will give Navigraph the needed info. So all will be well eventually. I figure within 2-3 months. In the meantime, we’ll have to get by with the toolbar pop-up. But such is flightsim life.

I shouldn’t really care what who and for whom! I am fully aware of the existing problem. But I and other users are not guilty of it Why take away what was OK, why take away what users were very happy with! Once again, I will write that I, and others probably too, the ability to display Charts on panels, pushed me to subscribe to Navigraph Charts. Explaining the problem to me is not necessary. “Why destroy the language”. In my country they say: ‘He who pays requires’ I guess it’s logical! To the current times, the quote “Pay for the goods and sit tight” fits! I think that this is not the way to go! I bought a subscription from Navigraph Charts developers and with them I have a contract. Of course, I can cancel my subscription, but is that what we all want? I think not!!! Further comment on this matter superfluous.

Just look on the Internet what today’s pilots are equipped with and what aids they have! I think that’s what we do all this for, so that we can feel this way in the virtual world!!!

Greetings to all virtual and non-virtual pilots and all aviation geeks.

Only to clarify … also we can´t look into a crystal ball.

The chart integration in the WT aircrafts are done by WT not by us directly. WT has decided to change their “status” from a freeware to a payware company, under the hood of Microsoft/ASOBO. This has changed a few framework parameters and that is/was the reason why WT has removed the chart and Simbrief integration. Due to legal conditions, they had to take this step.

When a 3rd party developer integrates our charts our data in his addon, than doesn´t this mean that we are the responsible company (at least for the implementation and the continuation of the integration), when the 3rd party developer removes the integration. This is only a decision of the 3rd party developer.

@Marcijen when this (“displaying the charts in the WT aircrafts”) was the only reason for your subscription, then you hadn´t fully understand the subscription model, sorry.

As you have hopefully read Stephen´s posting … we are working on an mod to bring back this functionality and than we are the responsible company for this and not any 3rd party company and than you can point the finger to us …

I hope this is clear now - no one here and no one in our company wants that existing user cancel their subscription. We are doing our best to hear our user, to update our user, to support our user where we can and that´s the reason why we have so many, many, many loyalty user which helps us also here in the forum but we can´t hold all … when you mean, you don´t get what you pay for, yes than you must cancel your subscription.


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What caused by which I decided to subscribe to Navigraph Charts is not the subject of the problem. Let’s stay with the fact that it was my whim, and as you know, you pay for your own whims.
I will hold you to your word that you will do something about it.

In the intricate world of laws, regulations, do I need to know who is doing business with whom? I was just suggesting this video of yours on YT


Do I need more explanation? It seems that I don’t need to.


That video was shot and published when Working Title was still an indie developer. Since then plenty of things have happened, most significatly that Working Title are now a first party developer and they are working on updating the default aircraft and avionics, which have never had any Charts or Simbrief integrations.

I think everything that can be said has been said in this thread.

We’re now assuming the modding role of the default Garmins and CJ4 from Working Title when it comes to Charts and SimBrief integrations, and doing so has a very high priority.




Thank you very much for such a conclusive answer and I look forward to the further development of Navigraph Charts.

I wish you Stephen the best of luck and everyone at Navigraph Charts.

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