MSFS - FMS Data adds VHHX Runway


It appears that AIRAC cycle 2105 for MSFS includes an otherwise non-existing runway at the old Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport (VHHX) on which players can spawn an aircraft to fly.
I confirmed this by removing the Navigraph data folder within the MSFS community folder, following which MSFS does not recognise Kai Tak and has no spawining points there. Downloading the FMS data re-introduced Kai Tak into MSFS.

It might be that this has been added in previous cycles but I only noticed it now.

Is there anyway of making “fake” runway optional?

There are two reason why I am asking this:
1.) For those of us who use Redwings VHHX payware addon, the new “Navigraph runway” overlays the Redwings runway (see screenshot attached…Navigraph runway highlighted in red).
They both a slightly misalligned, leading to the player seeing two duplicate runway centre lines, touch down zones etc. (I have flown the Redwings Kai Tak addon earlier in May 2021 and did not observe the doubling of runway lines, hence why my assumption that its the 2105 cycle which introduced this).

2.) Those of us who want to fly a modern day Hong Kong and have the cruise terminal and construction site at Kai Tak find the Navigraph runway removes this.

Perhaps a quick solution would be if you could provide the VHHX runway scenery as a stand alone .BGL file separate from your other Navigraph FMS data? That way I could simply delete the VHHX specific bgl file from the Navigraph folder and it would not interfere with addon sceneries in use without loosing any navigational points.

I’d appreciate it if you could consider this request.

have you looked into FAQ to this topic or have you teied the searxh function? Very helpful an it works excellent …

These runways are not fake and are needed for such user which has no addon (pay or freeware) installed.

But again, when the scenery designer had made all correctly the solution for double runways in the FAQ will help you


Thanks, Richard.

The work around with content.xml worked to remove the duplicate runway.
The co-existence of both VHHX airports still caused some election conflicts with the Redwings scenery which didn’t affect much other than one taxi way. But bizarrely after two iterations of removing both addons and then adding them back in one by one, the elevation issue seems to have been addressed, at least for now.

I am still wondering if your team could consider having missing and re-activated/re-opened airports as seperate “menu tile” in the MSFS Data Manager so that people who do not want those reactivated airports could chose to have just the nav data with out the “physical objects” like runways.

Using my above example, if I fly around Hong Kong with no add-on scenery, Navigraph data create the runway at Kai Tak. I fully understand, appreciate and support Navigraph re-opening airports like Kai Tak in the sim.
But my only choice if I want to have the cruise terminal at Kai Tak and see the city as is in 2020/21 is to uninstall all Navigraph AIRAC data, as there is no 3rd party content installed to override the airport objects (“delete the airport”) placed by the AIRAC update to revert the visual scenery to it’s default status.

If the airports scenery was a separate data item from navigational data, then users would have the choice if they had a particular need not to have re-activated airport showing up. Not suggesting you should create a menu tile for every airport you re-activate in the data cycles, as that would be overkill. But perhaps just one menu tile for re-opened airports if that is possible.

I’d be happy to help test this if you guys want to investigate the feasibility of this.

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