No VHHX (Kai Tak) data in FMS [ProSimA320]

Hi - it was my assumption Kai Tak VHHX has been coded into the Navigraph database.

I am unable to use VHHX in the Airbus FMGS (not found in database error).

Has it been removed from the ProSim FMS data?

Thank you,


Hi Ben,
which sim do you use and have you a scenery for VHHX?


Hi Richard,

I am using Samscene Hong Kong and the VHHX freeware by ali - VHHX Hong Kong - Kai Tak » Microsoft Flight Simulator

There was a also a post in 2018 in your forums about VHHX being removed from the ProSim databases.

Thank you.


… but as you see in the post its included. So, please contact ProSim and ask why VHHX can’t be selected.


Thank you Richard - I checked ProSim and indeed the issue was it was using Prepar3D as its database and not MSFS.

After I selected MSFS VHHX is now selectable in the FMS - great!

I had to use Prepar3D in ProSim because it continues to have ILS offset issues in a significant number of airports (YSSY, and LSZH for example).

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