VHHX Kai Tak Airport - why is it there?

Hi there Navigraph staff!

I use the excellent navdata with the ultimate subscription. However, I have one major problem with it - Kai Tak. Why does the airport runway still show there as part of Hong Kong city? It absolutely ruins immersion when we come into approach VHHH or depart from there. On top of it, when we try to use the free mods available for Kai Tak airports, having Navigraph Navdata causes double runway no matter what we do. I have reinstalled, uninstalled the cycles, I also keep the navdata center running, my content.xml looks as it should according to SU10 - basically I have tried every step in the book.

Point is, why would we need to have that in the AIRAC cycle when Navigraph are a “NavData” provider. This is a major problem for a major hub of the world in the sim. Please, we need a fix for this and a permanent removal of VHHX and all airports with which we face double runways.

My opinion is that we shouldn’t have runways at all in navdata! Airport infrastructure is not a nav-aid. Why does Navigraph navdata add runways to the sim then?


because there are a lot of airports missing in the stock data, like Kai Tak, like in the past Stuttgart (EDDS). Not all user have 3rd party addons for each airport installed, and also there are not all missing airport available. Therefore we add these missing airports, to offer at least a minimum of functionality …

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I’m sorry, that is not the solution. Kai Tak doesn’t exist anymore and it hasn’t for 24 years now. I don’t want a runway on a piece of land which is now a proper cruise terminal and has been for 9 years. Secondly, you are comparing a vintage non-existent field to EDDS (Stuttgart), the 6th-busiest airport of Germany. How does that even make sense?

Not only does Navigraph’s inclusion of airports like these cause double runways when we try to use FREE mods of amazing quality available to everyone, they also spoil the experience of the majority of us who fly to Chep Lap Kok (VHHH), a very busy airport in terms of modern simming. You could at least make it optional instead of lumping it in the main navdata cycle. I’m sorry if I’m sounding harsh Richard, but it just appears to be plain lazy.

Even if there was absolutely no free scenery available for Kai Tak, this should have always been optional. And in this case, there is a highly detailed free scenery for VHHX which I’m sure everyone uses if wanting to simulate Kai Tak. It’s not restricted or anything - free to download and readily available. I am a paying and loyal customer of Navigraph, I humbly request a swift and prompt response to solve this HK-region-breaking issue.

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When you use a 3rd party scenery (pay- or freeware)and the priority works as in the past, the default airports/runways will be "overruled’ by the 3rd party scenery. That was working perfect till SU9. From SU10 on, ASOBO has changed this system slightly. We don’t have any influence on it, sorry.

Due the FSX technology in the MSFS with the BGLs we are very limited to add/remove airports from the customer side. As I have wrote, there are approx. 400 missing airports (most of them are not outdated), which we have in our database and which are missing in the stock MSFS.

When we would remove all,we would loose these 400 airports, with all possible additional info like terminal procedure, …

With this “solution”, you have at least the possibility to plan a flight from A-B. Kai Tak was a very famous airport, with an exciting approach … When we remove it, you loose also this approach because normally, 3rd party sceneries haven’t include any terminal procedures.

Again, when the new priority system works as expected, you shouldn’t ever seen double runways because the 3rd party packages will always be loaded as last and “overwrite” our airport/runway data but keeps the terminal procedure.


When do you think the new priority system might start working?

Auweia, no idea sorry - this is more a question to ASOBO … The SU11 beta is out since yesterday and according their release notes, also the priority system was improved but we must test this in detail because we don’t know what “improvements” are made …

Sorry, that I can’t give you a date for this but it’s also new for us and we must look, how this works now. The priority system is good and a great step forward but it should at least working as before SU10. At the moment with the current version, it doesn’t - so crossing fingers that SU11 brings more stability and improvements in this new logic.

We will start our test in the next days …


I too today spent a few hours trying to figure out why is there a runway there when taking off from VHHH to finally track it down to Navigraph, it would be mighty cool if you could provide a manual workaround just to remove the VHHX data if possible so we don’t have a runway there.


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