Navigraph charts + VHHX

Tried to create a flightplan in Navigraph Charts going to VHHX.
It’s Navigraph’s own app so I assumed VHHX should be there but not.
Airac 2113 installed. VHHX available in the Add ons.

Oops noticed this is basically for MSFS and I’m running FSX, but that shouldn’t make a difference as no sim is involved here?


Hi Mats,

We include the old Kai Tak airport in our FMS and Simbrief Data as a manually added tailored data.
We don’t have that in our current Charts offering. We shall consider it for a future Charts offering.


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Great. Pretty much everyone I know adds a Kai Tak add in of some kind.

In fact Flying from the new HK to KT is a great little tester.

Thanks Ian.
I hope it show up in the charts. It’s such an outstanding airport.