Nav Data Cycle 2014 Kai Tak VHHX

Hello. First of all, happy new year to all!

After an intensive pc/sim reinstall I today wanted to fly to Kai Tak. However; VHHX isn’t in the database anymore. Any particular reason for this iconic airport to not be supported in this cycle?

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Hi Stephan,
also Happy New Year 2021 to you. All the best and a healthy and good upcoming year.

To your report:
You have posted this in the FMS Data - General category. Can you give us more details please?

In which sim version?
Which addon?
Do you use an addon scenery?

Thank you

Hi Richard,

I saw this topic and have the same issue, I just updated my airac to 2014:

to answer your questions: I use P3D V4.5, with the latest flytampa kaitak scenery and use PMDG aircraft.

VHHX is indeed listed in the 2014 AIRAC cycle for PMDG and includes the procedures.

I suggest you try deleting the problematic PMDG generated file as posted HERE and report back.


Hi, srcooke

it worked thnx a lot

Thanks from my side also @srcooke:ok_hand:

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