Missing waypoints After using navigraph unlimited in simbrief


a question. Before I used Navigraph unlimited, I flew to Munich (Eddm) with a rokil26 Transition. All waypoints between DM421 and DM429 were then present in the flight plan. Now there is just a route without any waypoints (e.g. DM422). The ARRIVAL is also completely missing (in this case DM439, DM438, GUDEG, DM437). As I said, before I had Navigraph unlimited, everything was already there automatically when I entered the transition into the mcdu. I used SimBrief for flight planning.

Red: Not in the Flightplan in the MCDU,
Green: Waypoints, that are in the flightplan

And of course, The ARRIVAL waypoints of the other Runway, are also missing

Please fix this. thanks

no the waypoints aren´t missing … all the red ones exist in the data.

According the ARINC424 rules you don´t need include all waypoints because none of these waypoints have any restriction (speed or altitude) and all of these waypoints are IF/TF waypoints, means without any reference to other waypoints/navaids.

You see this also very clear on the charts in the routing box:

In the past, memory was limited and therefore the rule - so the green ones are important because the green ones are first and last in the sequence. all other red ones are included but don´t need to be added in the procedure. Again, we use the standard ARINV424 format and no tailored records - and in the standard you don´t have these waypoints between - all in all, this is not wrong and again, the waypoints can all be inserted (for a short approach, or a direct from any other position, …).

By the way, the search function works great here and sometimes you get the answers faster. Here a few links to exactly the same question:

Hope that helps

Hello, thanks i dont quiet unterstand this with the approach. Should i Type in the approach manually Or? Thanks

No, you can select it as normal you don´t need the waypoints between and when you need it (due any ATC reason - and only in this case) then you must enter it in the FMC.


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