Waypoints missing from RNAV arrival procedures (i.e. EDDK DEPOK1S)

Hi there, I’m noticing lately that strings of waypoints are missing from arrivals procedures.

Mainly the ‘rectangular’ types, for example today I was in X-Plane 11.55 in the Zibo Mod V3.50.20; and the EDDK (Cologne Bonn) DEPOK1S arrival to ILS14L was missing the waypoints DK494,493,493,492,452,453,454,455 from both the display and absent from the legs page of the FMS. Only the ‘corner’ RNAV waypoints (DK495,491,451) were included in the procedure.

Has there been a change somewhere to remove certain waypoints? because they were there several months ago & I would expect to have everything from the full procedure included by default.


P.S. edit due to realisation that waypoints missing are from the STAR not the Approach

Hi Chris,
the procedure is correct coded - here are no missing waypoints on the RNAV transition DEPO1S:

Routing according the charts are:
DEPOK - DK495 - DK491 - DK451 - LEGDU - RW14L

I have also cross-checked the AIP Germany, the same routing, the same waypoints:

… and the charts in the AIP looks equal to the Jeppesen charts:

Possible the waypoints between DK495 and DK491 are no so necessary for the routing because there are no speed or altitude restrictions and are all on the line between these two waypoints, I don´t know - it´s only a assumption.

But anyway, the AIP Germany and also Jeppesen shows exactly the same routing and exactly the same charts - so the coding is absolutely correct, no missing waypoints in the procedure.


Thanks Richard, I don’t think I have an EADS (or AIP Germany) login setup, so couldn’t check the source. I guess there might be a Europe-wide alteration underway to simplify RNAV arrivals as last night I noticed that Spain has made similar changes at Barcelona.


My understanding is that the intermediate points that are not required for the procedure are removed in the airac data to de-clutter the navigation display. Depending upon the aircraft systems the waypoints can be displayed on the ND if required and also entered into the FMC as necessary such as ATC instruction…

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