Missing Waypoints in Transitions e.g. EDDM

When I want to fly to Munich Intl. Airport EDDM and I want to fly any transition the stored waypoints are not fully completed in the flightplan.

There are missing waypoints: e.g. DM453, DM454, DM455, DM456, DM457, DM458

The start and end waypoints DM452 and DM459 are in the flightplan set.

I think, we need this intermediate waypoints at latest we want to fly with Real-ATC Vatsim or IVAO and get some waypoint shortcuts. Wen can manually setup this missing waypoints of course but there have to be set in the flightplan.

Is this an issue by Toliss or by Navigraph FMS-Data?
I have contacted GlidingKiwi from Toliss. He would assume it is an issure from the Navigraph FMS-Data. Can you confirm the issue?

The Post in the X-Plane.org Forum.

Thanks in advance

Hi Sebastian,
this no issue not from ToLiss, nor from us … the intermediate waypoints are not coded in a procedure. The reason is to reduce the amount of waypoints in the FMC/S, therefore you have only the start- and endpoint of the transition directly available. A intermediate waypoint will only be shown, when it has any restriction (speed or altitude) but when it´s on the same path, without any restriction, this waypoint is not necessary.

When you get a direct from the ATC, you can enter (as in real) the waypoint and make a “DIRECT TO” to this waypoint. This is very helpful and is practiced in reality for ie. aircraft separation.

But again, in an normal procedure such intermediate waypoints are not coded and this is not an issue, because the waypoints are included and you can enter each waypoint, when you get the direct to …

Hope that helps,

I visited an Online-Typrating in German by Captain Ingo for the Airbus A320 via Youtube. He has also the same opinion and in Reality the intermediate waypoints are visible in the NAV-Displays. The spendable time is to long to program the intermediate waypoint in the MCDU to react promt.

A flight training video with an user. Interesting for you at 1:14:00.

A good airment ship is to be well prepared for this ATC instruction.

it depends on the data provider. I guess, he was using Lido and/or a airline tailored database.

As I have written before, Jeppesen doesn’t offer these intermediate waypoints and there are also no ARINC424 rule, that make this necessary, excluding when a waypoint has a restriction or any other leg path type as IF/TF.

Again, this is no issue. No data, nor addon issue - this is a coding decision, a coding design which can be different between data providers.

Hope that helps

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