Missing Waypoints on some STARs/Transitions

Hello there,

I came across an issue I don’t quite understand. Perhaps it is by design, however I fail to see the point.
For some transitions all the waypoints on the route are also imported when selecting the approach, for example EDDF PETIX3C has all the waypoints as they appear on the map


In EDDB only some points appear in the flight plan:

DB563, DB564, DB 565 and DB566 are missing between DB562 and DB567.
This became quite stressful when I was given a direct to one of the missing points by a VASTIM controller and I couldn’t find the point in my route.

Is there something I’m doing or understanding wrong? Any help is welcome!


As I understand even though the navdata has these waypoints, some MCDU/FMC do not display them to declutter the display as they are are in the same line.

In the FBW DEV version at least you can enter the non displayed waypoint for a direct to.

See also Waypoints missing from RNAV arrival procedures (i.e. EDDK DEPOK1S) - #2 by NAVData