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abort sorry for my english
I have an annual navigraph subscription, I do the monthly updates. my problem is that for a while now I have had airstrips that disappear in my Prepar3D (version 3.4) such as for example: geneva, Rome … and others, with the navaids (ILS).
Question: Your updates do not include all navaids? for your information I suck at his things. Can you tell me what should I do to find my tracks and ILS?
Thanks for your help
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Hi Emanuel,
what addon do you refer here? We don’t update P3D only addons for that?

Our updates contains all worldwide navaids, waypoints, airways, terminal procedure … depending on the addon also more on information.

So what addon do you use and what navaid do you miss?


hi Richard first of all thank you for responding so quickly.

This is professionalism.

I will try to explain my problem. the program is in the Prepar3D software - you know that in the flight simulator you have the flight planner (FMC) to program the departure and arrival, and well the simulator does not find the landing runways with the sid and star of certain airports, LSGG example, he cannot find the 2 runways with their sid and star (runways 4 and 22). the same for Rome (LIRF) (see attached screenshot) I figured these track updates are included in navigraph, and the prepar3D database should be fixed, but it’s not. And the problem is growing because I have more and more airports without sid and star with the new navigraph updates. (still in the prepar3D data). I hope I was clear, so you can tell me how to update this data. If you have the solution, you will have to be clear in your explanations, because I am not very good at computers. Thank you very much for your kindness waiting for your news I wish you a very good week.


Hi again Emanuel,
as I wrote before, we don’t update the core/stock data ftom P3D. We only support the addons on top of the P3D but no in-game flightplanner, no in-game aircraft, nor sim stock data.

There, when a runway is missing, when a terminal procedure is missing in P3D stock data, our service will not add anything.

I know a tool called “fsAeroData” which provide an update service for P3D but this service ends with end of year.

Hope that make something clearer now

Hi Emanuel,

In addition to what Richard has said, it seems you may have the PMDG 737.

If so, please see FAQ - PMDG B777/747/737NGXu FMC Runways Not Available.

Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Richard,

what is the reason, why Navigraph does not update the core/stock data from P3D, as it can be done for e.g. X-Plane? With the tool fsAerodata it is indeed possible, but as you said, this service ends with end of year and this is a problem.

So technically the update process of P3D stock data should not be a problem, are there any special reasons?

I am discussing the same topic in a P3D forum, but they tell me to ask Navigraph about providing the update service for P3D, after my question why P3D is not able to receive Navigraph updates yet…

So what preconditions are needed to make this really important topic, the update of P3D stock data via Navigraph, possible? Only the combination of actual (up to date) FMS data of an addon-aircraft AND the simulator stock data makes sense from my opinion.

Thanks in advance for your infos,

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