Missing Airports, Navaids

Forgive me for this is not directly a Navigraph issue. About a month ago, I had to uninstall and reinstall the LevelD-767 (FS9) in our homebuilt simulator. Prior to uninstalling, everything worked great as it relates to the FMS. At the time, I was updating my airac cycles with Aerosofts Navdatapro.

After the uninstall, reinstall, I seemed to have lost runways at certain airports as well as navaids etc. For some reason, it seems to have effected more non-payware airports than it has payware airports. I ran the utility “MakeRWYS.exe” followed up by a new airac cycle from Navdatapro. Problem still existed.

Today, March 31, 2021, I bought a yearly subscription to Navigraph and plan to migrate away from Aerosoft. I installed the latest airac cycle from Navigraph and the problem still exists.

Again, I know this is not a problem caused by either provider. I was hoping someone with knowledge could help me sort this issue out.

Thank you kindly,


Hi Michael,
can you give us an exampe (airport/runways and navaids) which you´re missing? Please be aware, that we “only” update the FMC data of the addons but we don´t update the sim data for FS9/X or P3D.
But please give us a few examples and we will look on this …



Thank you kindly for your quick response. Very appreciated.

Two examples come to mind very quickly. KCVG, and KJAX. KCVG is a commercial product by ImagineSim. The latter (KJAX) a freeware addition built by myself and a dear friend David Rawlins. (FS9).

What I find is the runway information is selectable in the FMS. It offers you the choice to choose the runway. For example, landing into KJAX, runway 08/26 is in the FMS. What I don’t have is the runway information sent to LevelD’s HSI. All the waypoints, including the STAR are displayed. What is not displayed is the “runway extension line”. Same for KCVG 18C/36C.

Richard please understand I realize this is in no way a Navigraph issue. Far from it. I was only hoping I could catch a break from someone on the forum that has experienced a similar problem after having uninstalled/reinstalled LevelD.

Thank you again,


Ah understood Michael, because KCVG and KJAX are included in FS9 and also in our files. So, I can´t really answer your question and I would also recommend to ask your question directly in the LevelD-forum because there are the specialists with the most knowledge of this addon.

Thank you,

Understood Richard. But the LevelD forum has become useless in the past several years. Thank you just the same.

All the best.

Possible someone other can help you here but I can´t sorry …

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