BIIS approaches and nearby DME/NDBs have disappeared

Were present before beta install. I saw the FAQ about the unspecified runways not supporting the data, but can’t your software “leave them be” in the default data?

thanks for contacting us … we have included such procedures without any runway-ident - the problem is, that the sim don´t “understand” it brecause the sim expect at least a ruway. To mix data between NavBlue and our data is not possible due possible CTDs, stuttering and increasing of loading-times. Sorry!

Thanks for the reply. I’m curious that the FAQ says it’s a problem with MSFS, yet in the default data it works (so is it not a problem for Asobo to add approaches for unspecified runways?).

It appears then that currently it’s a choice between MSFS’s default incomplete nav data or Navigraph’s (differently) incomplete nav data.

Hi Peter,
I have figured out, how I can add such procedures and of course, I will add it in the next revision. I´m still working on it … and no, there is no choice :slight_smile: … we do our best to be more complete as the default data :slight_smile:

So, the FAQ is wrong and I have removed it because the sim CAN HANDLE procedures without a runway-ident. Sorry, this was my fault but I haven´t simple know that, big sorry … I also have removed the “Solution” flag from my previous posting.

Again, I´m working on it to implement these procedures also and you can expect it with the next revision.
Thanks for the hint …

Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense. I am glad you can add it in future updates.

LOL I guess which data is more accurate depends where you fly! It’s definitely better for more people that Stuttgart is now included… less so for an obscure corner of Iceland!

Thanks again


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Hi Pete,
revision 4 is now online and available - from now on, all available worldwide CTL approaches are also included in our updates. Means, that you can now also select approaches with not direct runway mapping :wink:

Here your example for BIIS:

… and here the charts to this approach:

Limitations are still the none choose able approach-transitions (in this case BANLA, ELVOR and ABETU). But all approach-transitions are also still available in the data

Here from the TBM930:



Happy flying …

Thank you for all your hard work! That’s great.

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