FAQ - PMDG B777/747/737NGXu FMC Runways Not Available

The PMDG B777/747/737NGXu can sometimes give errors in the FMC suggesting runways not available. This is not a navdata provider issue. It is caused by a file created by the PMDG software. To correct, please:

  1. Make sure your FS is not running.
  2. Delete …your FS root\PMDG\NAVDATA\ARPT_RWY.dat file. This is not a Navigraph file, but part of the PMDG B777/747/737NGXu.
  3. For RAAS, download the tool makerwys.exe from http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66136-useful-additional-programs and place in the simulator root directory;
    Right click and Run-as-Administrator makerwys.exe.
  4. Restart your FS and load the PMDG B777/747/737NGXu, which re-creates ARPT_RWY.dat .


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