Flaky Data Again!

I have been using Navigraph & Simbrief for some time but I am getting frustrated by the inconsistent data provided.

For example today on a flight from EIDW to EGSS with a flightplan from Simbrief loaded into Navigraph I am given the runway 28L using the ENDE3J SID.

In X-plane - with the lastest Airac loaded - the FMC departures page shows the runway and Sid are not in the database! this is just flaky! Are Simbrief and Navigraph (using the same latest Airac) not using the same data.

I would be interested if anyone from Navigraph can try this and answer me as it seems paying for data is becoming a bit of a waste of my money as this has happened before.

I don’t get why Simbrief is assigning runways and sids that don’t exist in the same Airac release for X-Plane!

can you confirm, that EIDW is up to date in X-Plane (version unknown and addon unknown due missing information).

Again, please confirm that you have all runways at EIDW as in real life.

… and of course, all our products use exactly the same source. In most cases such issues are outdated and/or not complete sceneries.


PS: and by the way, I have seen no report of such issue in the past from you …

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the scenery it is stock X-Plane and it shows all usable runways - including 28R which is missing in the FMC data. I can see in the FMC that while the runway - 28R is not available for departure it is for arrival which means the runway exists but it seems Simbrief/Navigraph don’t seem to have the option to not use specific runways for departure and just select whatever they find - not very usable or realistic/

I hope that clarifies things but it seems Simbrief/Navigraph don’t take into account procedures and runways used for a specific airport.



we don’t offer any runways in X-Plane, so when you wrote it is missing in the FMC this is an indicator, that this is more a addon issue rather a navdata issue.

What data to we provide in X-Plane?

  • Waypoints/fixes
  • Airways
  • Navaids (incl ILS/Loc)
  • Terminal procedures
  • In XP12 also ATC information

… but no airport information (like communication, runways, taxiways, …)

So, this has nothing todo with SimBrief or is any data issue. Its simple an addon issue somewhere. We only offer the data but not the logic behind, how addons use the data.

I don’t know which XP version you use, nor which addon you use. Therefore a more or less general answer.

Its 100% no data issue … reason see the lines above.


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