Missing Charts - ENHF

I was landing last night at ENHF with terrible weather and pulled up the approach procedures. The LOC and RNAV procedures were expected, but the GLS ones were not. I had never seen the option (I have now researched it), but it didn’t matter as I was in a plane that didn’t have the right equipment.

The bug seems to be that even though the approaches are listed in the Procedures tab, the charts themselves for the GLS approaches into runways 4 and 22 are missing when looking at the Charts tab. Plus, there is no button for adding the procedure to the route in the Procedures tab.

To check another known GLS airport, I checked YSSY and saw that the charts for its GLS approaches were available.


I believe the reason there is LOC and not ILS/GLS is FAQ - ILS Missing, only LOC provided for Missed Approach TURN prior to RWY.

You can still tune into the aircraft ILS/GLS and get glideslope and localiser working.


Thank you Ian. That would explain why the LOC approach is listed rather than an ILS, and it’s good to know about the distinction created by the missed approach.

What I still don’t understand is why the GLS is listed as an Approach under the Procedures tab, but there is not chart for it? Shouldn’t it simply not be listed if there isn’t an allowed procedure (ILS/GLS) based on the missed approach?