Hi, It’s my first time posting here and apologies if it’s in a wrong category. According to eAIP, UGSB should have ILS Y/Z and LOC Y/Z approaches. However the FMC only shows LOC approaches and in approach page it doesn’t display course/frequency information. With previous AIRACs it used to do that with LOC approach. For information the changelog with the latest AIRAC is introduction of LOC Y/Z approaches (it was just LOC before) and runway numbers changed from 13/31 to 12/30. I’m using X-Plane 11 and the test was done with LevelUp B737-800. I’d be very grateful if anyone could look into it. I’m also attaching a screenshot from sim for better understanding.



The ILS is included in our Charts, but missing from our Navigation Data as the Missed Approach is before the runway threshold, and our data supplier doesn’t include it as it is contrary to ARINC424 rules. They code is as LOC.

You can still use the Glideslope and LOC using the ILS frequency and course.

You will see several posts about this in the forum by searching on “Missed Approach”


Thank you very much Ian for the answer. That solves one thing but the fact that course and frequency went missing from approach page in the FMC still remains unsolved. This is the same with LevelUp and Zibo on X-Plane 11. When I asked on their server, they suspected the answer to be within Navigraph. Any Idea about this?

ok, so they (Zibo or LevelUp) confirms that this doesn’t happened with the default data (without an update from us), right?

I asked because I have just compared the default data with the current data and they are absolutely equal for this airport, so it’s unclear for me, why this should be a data issue. We offfer the data the addon received the signals with our data … but how should we control the display with the data?

Therefore again the question:
Does this mean, this doesn’t happened (and you see the data) without the AIRAC update?


Hi Richard, thanks for the message. I do confirm that I used to see the data before latest AIRAC update. (previous AIRAC was fine).

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Thanks for your confirmation, I will check it again in more detail!

Thanks again, I will keep you inform here

Sorry, I can´t find any data issue … but I´m pretty sure, that this has something todo with the runway ident changes. I have tried an older cycle (2301) - in this version you have also a LOC13 approach and here, it works as expected …

LOC13 from the past is equal to the LOC12-Y/Z now with AIRAC 2305 - so there is no real different excluding the runway-idents. We can´t dig deeper into it because we don´t know how the Zibo handles such runway-ident issues. Sorry, but according the XP11 data specification, all is set correctly.

Can´t do more, sorry …


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Thanks a lot for looking into it anyways!

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