EGLC - Missing Transition Charts

Team, was going through the EGLC Charts and I’m not seeing the RNAV Transition Chart for the ILS Approaches to EGLC. I’m seeing the transition path from the STAR to the ILS approach (09, for this example) on the Map page but no individual Chart exists.

Doesn’t Jeppesen have those?

Appreciate the help.

Hello Miguel! Welcome to the new forum!

I went ahead and checked it out for myself and compared what I got with the UK AIP. As far as I can tell, we do have all the charts in question available. I believe that the one shown in the image below is the one you’re after if flying the ILS 09.

In the UK AIP, this exact chart is called “Approach Transition Chart”. Is this what you’re looking for or am I misunderstanding?


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Malte, I’m feeling like a complete fool. That’s exactly the one and I missed it when browsing through the charts.

Felt odd, because the path was clearly marked on the map. Since I found it on the AIP website, might have given up too soon finding it on Navigraph. Always learning.

Appreciate the fast response :slight_smile:


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