Missing approaches and SiD’s ENBR

Hi, just startet playing around in msfs and got a subscription on navigraph and I am really enjoying your product😊 I do have some questions regarding some prosedures on ENBR that seams missing in the database. I cant find the approaches: ILS Y rwy 17/35 nor RNP 139/043. I cant find the charts either. The ADADI SID’s are available as charts but not visible and loadable in the garmin GTN750 nor when selecting approacher from the msfs meny before flight. I have read the forums and checked if something is wrongly installed but it seems that these are missing? If they are I would really appreciate if the will be accessible in an future update. Best regards

first of all welcome here and thanks for your kind words :wink:

To your question(s):
These are all helicopter terminal procedures which aren´t available for aircrafts and therefore disabled from our source. You see this either on the charts or int the procedure list in the chart app (with the postfix (COPTER)):

But as you have figured out via the charts, we have these data also in our source and we are working on different helicopter projects, where we will offer these terminal procedures also in the future as own dataset.

Hope that helps and let us know, whenever you have a further question …

Happy flying and a good start into the week,

Thanks for your quick reply! Yes they are helicopter procedures, I am an professional helicopter pilot flying those prosedures on a regular basis, thats how i know about them😊 I am currently playing around with the H145 helicopter from Hype performance group in the msfs and in that case it would have been great to have those prosedures available. Hope to see them soon. Have a great week.

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