Lose appr and can‘t install again

hi,this problem occurred when I was installing navigragh data. Because there was no approach , I had to reinstall it. This problem occurred when I reinstalled it. how can I sove it. looking forword

Hi there,

It looks like your Content.XML file has been corrupted in some way. You can send it to me in a private DM and I can have a look. Here is a post describing where to find it:

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Uploading: Y7$B66NG3@IWKC7N}{Y1G1T.png…
maybe, how can I sove it.
thank for your help

close the sim and delete this file … as Markus assumed, it´s corrupt and wrong and therefore the error message in the Navigraph Navdata Center.

So, close the sim and delete the file. After that reboot your machine and try it again …


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