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Hello, some days ago my navdata stopped working in my sim. The only planes I can use are Fenix and PMDG (but it has no ILS). If I load in the sim and try to plan a flight using “world map” I don’t get any route options or any SID/STAR options. Uninstalling Navigraph fixes the problem in the way that now my sim is using its base navdata. as soon as i reinstall Navigraph i loose my Navdata. I have tried removing all 3rd party addons from the community folder and deleting the Content.XML file but it still does now work. what else can I try?

please upload your content xml file AFTER you have installed the AIRAC via the Navigraph Navdata Center.

Thank you

Here is the XML, hope that it helps :slight_smile:
Content.xml (14.7 KB)

thank you, the content file looks correct so far. When you have still tried to remove all 3rd party scenery and nothing helps, I have no further idea sorry.

In most cases, a third party scenery is the reason, which is is bot 100% compatible with the current sim version. Bit again, when you have tried all cases, sorry no further idea.


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Well the navdata broke after the last sim update last week

Therefore my assumption that a package is not compatible with the current version. You can be sure, that our package is 100% compatible.

Therefore I would try:

  • close the sim
  • remove all from the community folder
  • delete the content.xml file
  • Start the sim and close it again, when its up and running
  • Start the Navigraph Navdata Center and install the cycle again
  • Start the sim and check if you have the navdata - you will see, you have it

After that, when the navdata are visible, install your 3rd party sceneries one at a time to find out which package is incompatible.

Sorry, there is no other way, I’m nearly 100% sure, this incompatible package is the reason.


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