Uninstalling Navigraph Beta MSFS 2020 NAV data

Hello. I tried navigraph beta NAV data and would like to go back to sim data for now. I’ve uninstalled the NAV data via the Navigraph beta installer, and deleted the content.xml file then let the sim rebuild it.

Now all original sim NAV data is incorrect.

Did I miss a step?

What are the steps to uninstall so that it goes back to sim NAV data?

Thank you.

start the Navigraph Installer, press the red “remove” button and all is back normal. The navigraph package will be deleted and the stock data enabled.

After that you can uninstall the Navigraph Installer via the normal windows feature.

We don’t delete, move or change something in the stock data. So you don’t loose anything, when you follow these instructions.


Thank you. There must be something else that’s doing that then.

Also, when using Navigraph beta NAV data, some of the approaches were missing and I followed your instructions about deleting the content.xml file and letting the sim rebuild it. Should I return the original content.xml file or it doesn’t matter?

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