Issue with new runways at KORD


I am having an issue where I cannot create a valid flight plan using KORD as a departure or arrival. The airport has a new runway that was commissioned last November, 9C/27C. Using any combination of either the complete default P3D scenery alone, or any combination of the default scenery or MegaScenery Illinois v3 along with either the FSDT O’Hare v2 or the KORD that comes with ChicagoX from Drzewiecki, I get the following in the FMS:


If I Activate/Execute, there are no runways or STARs listed in the DEP/ARR page.

As a workaround, if I edit KORD.TXT and remove all traces of 09C/27C along with any STAR’s dedicated to those runways, it works. Obviously I would need to keep doing that as the new AIRAC cycles come along.

Windows 10 Pro 21H1
P3D5.2.22.27615 fresh install
PMDG 737, 777, 747 fresh installs.

On another note, I recall having a similar issue with KOAK but that seems to be resolved after 2 AIRAC updates.

p.s. I have also reached out to PMDG and they told me to contact you guys. I haven’t received a response from the P3D guys as of yet so I am just trying to cover all the bases.

Any clues?

Donnie Sigrist

This is usually the result of a LONG standing issue with PMDG’s own file and fixed following the advice HERE

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Wow… I spent a long time on my post and you solved it with one sentence…

THANK YOU! :smiley:

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