2014 rev1 missing all data for KORD in PMDG

Have tried to reinstall and redownload 1401 AIRAC and all PMDG products have a blank data file for KORD. Obviously have not checked all airports, but other spot-checks like JFK are fine. Both ORD and JFK screenshot attached. (will try to anyway)

KORD only has one departure, O’Hare 6 and as this is a vectors only departure is not included in the AIRAC data.

Perhaps I should have showed arrivals also. The entire kord file is blank. No runways, sid or star. Nothing in it. Also no runways listed.

here is the STAR page

(also blank)

I followed directions found here:
FAQ - PMDG B777/747/737NGXu FMC Runways Not Available - FMS Data / FAQ - Navigraph

I then removed ALL files inside the PMDG/NAVADATA folder except for airport.dat.

I then re-ran the FMC installer and I now have a full set of STARs and runways.

I hope this helps someone in future that may need it! :slight_smile:

All is well now.

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