Chicago KORD Problem

Planned 2 trips from different locations to KORD. Everything appeared normal until I went to the FMS and scheduled STARS/Runways arrival at ORD. No STARS and/or Runways were listed. When I first opened the FMS and entered the flight plan an error message appeared and indicated that Runway 09 wasn’t available at destination. Strange since ORD doesn’t have a runway 09.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems? I’ve complete another flight to/from different locations without any problems.

I don’t know which sim or addon you use, therefore a general answer.

All KORD STARs are included/available in all our supported addons, in the MSFS and in Simbrief.
I assume you mean Simbrief because you posted this topic here. So please explain in more detail what issue do you have and where in Simbeief.


Richard, thank you for your prompt response. I haven’t had problems for quite a while and forgot to include the “mechanical” information.
Using Simbrief, PMDG 737-800 on P3D v5+ setup and Windows 10. I’m an annual subscriber and Navigraph version was up to date.
Both planned flights were from IAD to ORD. I subsequently flew a flight from YVR to SJC without any problem. Arrival information was in FMC.

Update-just planned a flight out of ORD using same tools, equipment, etc., no departure information - ie., runways, SID.
Not sure what the problem is? Airport model-FsDreamTeam Chicago V-2

Hi, just a guess but maybe give this a try: FMC runway data missing - PMDG Simulations

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And amplifying Derek’s response, please see FAQ - PMDG B777/747/737NGXu FMC Runways Not Available.


Ian – it appears deleting the airport .dat file solved the problem. The FMC is displaying the information again.

Thank you to you and the support team for your quick response and help.

Paul Kuhn

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On behalf of the support team, you are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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