I cant login

i downloaded the app,( somehow), but the map keeps jumping , also every time i try to login , with my email and password, it keeps kicking me out and dont let me even download the app, is like you dont know me or sumpin , lol, but yes , i really need help , thank you

Hello Jose! Thanks for reaching out on our forum.

What app are you referring to?

You say that the map keeps jumping, and at the same time, you say that you cannot log in. Which one is true? Do you mean that you are presented with this message?

Please be aware that you are very likely to have two Navigraph accounts on different email addresses. One of these accounts (the one that you were signed into when you posted this) has a subscription, and the other does not. Signing in with an account without a subscription will show you the above error message!

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I have it resolved, the signing issue after I did some research but the map app keeps going on and off ,

What do you mean by going on and off? Could you provide screenshots, or a video?

this is what i mean , thats the same image but keeps uploading , flashing back and forth , i couldnt make a video but take a look at this pics continounslly
also i could login using a diferent pc, now this issue come from a new motherboard i’d install , windows activated , all drivers up-to-date , same for graphic card
i can make flight plans over the mfsf 2020 game using this app but is the app itself
sorry about my english , i speak spanish

I am sorry, but I cannot make out what the issue could be based on those images.

One thing that comes to mind is that if the date & time is set incorrectly (not synced) on your computer, you could see an issue where the app tries to sign you in over and over again which could cause some flickering in the map. Other than that, I have no clue what you’re experiencing without seeing a video!

Perhaps try the built-in video recorder in Windows? You can try the following:

  1. Press ⊞ Win + G. Do you see the XBox game bar interface? Then this should work!
  2. Focus on the Charts application and press ⊞ Win + Alt + R

This should start recording the charts window, and if you press the same combination again it should stop the recording! You can find all recordings in your “Videos” folder in windows.

The map “flashing” issue was likely caused by an incorrectly set system time. See this topic:

I’ll close this thread now, feel free to open a new one if you have any further issues!

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