all the times

It’s been a while now that every time I want to open Navigrapg Hub I need to Sign-In. Once it’s done when I go back to the app it tells me “Acces Denied” and that I need a subscription, I have one. The only way I found to solve it is to close the app and reopen it and then it works fine.
I just wanted to know if there was another way so that I stay signed in without repeating everything all the time.

Thank you very much
Have a nice day


You have two accounts, one with subscription and one without. Maybe you are logging in with the non subscription account. To avoid confusion, we recommend you login to the non subscription account and delete it.



This is happening to me now as well. Didn’t used to happen. Been like this for at least 2-3 weeks I think, though can’t be sure.

I definitely only have one account.

Yeah, same for 2/3 weeks
I’m logging in only once during the whole process, when I go back to the app it tells me that I can’t have access and then I close and reopen it without logging in again and it works just fine.
So I am using my subscription account.

For anyone else with this issue, I resolved it by doing a full clean uninstall (using Revo Uninstaller in my case, but sure there are others), and reinstalling. Problem’s gone now.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Navigraph Hub several times, and it keeps kicking me out and asking me to sign in again. It never used to do that. Something is wrong somewhere. I hope this can be figured out.

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