Sign in issues

Is anyone experiencing problems with subscribing to navigraph for the first time. I have an account but whenever I try to subscribe it takes me back to the home page where it says, “get started” and then makes me create a new account even though I had one already signed in. Also, I can’t connect my credit card to my account either. Is there anything I can do to fix these 2 problems?

Hello, did you submit a ticket?

No but I got the problem fixed

Please let us know how it was fixed for you - we are investigating potential causes.


I went on a different computer and signed in onto my account and got the subscription on that.

Thank you for letting us know.

Happy flying


Today I was also unable to login to the website as above (attempting to update my expired subscription). I tried using different browsers, clearing all cookies and content data and using a vpn (suspecting that maybe I had exceeded some sort of anti ddos mechanism)

Oddly enough, signing in through the api that the charts app pulls up in a browser worked fine. In the end, I still wasn’t able to fix it but I was successful logging in through my iPhone on a different IP.

I have had this very issue since October last year. Nothing fixes it. I have tried to login via different browsers as well. The only platform that allows me to log in is through my iphone.

How on earth is Navigrapagh still allowing this issue to persist?

Please can you provide a solution. Its unacceptable that this kind of problem has been allowed to occur, never mind for 4+ months.