Enroute map flashes every second

Hi, after last update now version 8.29.1 charts flashing. Very annoying.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

It looks like you are repeatedly forced to refresh your credentials. The most common cause of this is that your time is set incorrectly.

If you are on Windows, right-click the clock in the bottom right-hand corner and select “Adjust date and time”. In the window that appears, toggle “Set the time automatically” off and then on again!
For safe measure, please press “Sync now” just below it as well.

See this already existing thread for confirmation by others with similar symptoms:

Let me know how that works out!

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Thank you works now.
Can’t understand why windows changed time but now it’s ok

There are many reasons, both technical and less technical. The important thing is that it works, thanks for confirming!

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