New navigraph update signs me out constently

I also have the same problem it keeps logging out after 1 hour, I needed to log in seven times today.

Hi all.

Please quit the desktop app, and wait one minute. Then launch the desktop app again. Please then verify in Settings that it is version 8.13.1. In this version the sign-out problem has been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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It looks like there aren’t many topics covering this so bumping this one…

I can’t go 24 hours without having to log in and it’s basically been this way off and on for the nearly 2 years I’ve been a Navigraph subscriber. Why can’t I seem to get a cookie set with my subscription to this service, that will allow me to use it without jumping back and forth between apps and browsers so I can get my sim connected on a daily basis? Am I the only one? There’s nothing else I pay for that is this strict about signing in and out. I’ve quit and restarted and updated and all that. Many times.

Stephen, this signing out is still happening in version 8.25.0 (the latest version!!!).


There is a new 8.25.1 version available. Install when prompted. Does the problem remain in this version?



Happens to me. At least daily often more.

Version 8.25.1 (8.25.1)

Apple M2 Max
MacOS13.2.1 (22D68)


I’ve enabled some more logging on your account. Please now use it some more, and if it suddenly signs you out then post back here.

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Cool ok. Just logged in now.
Shall post here again if / when it logs me out again.

Top-tier app, aside from this logout issue.

Hi @stephen

I’ve arisen this morning to being logged out again. I was using the app about 9 hours ago.
Hopefully something useful in the logs.

App just notified of an update. Agreed to update.

Now running:
Version 8.25.2 (8.25.2)

Will report back again if signed out again.

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If you get the signout issue again, please follow these steps:

  1. Press ⊞ Win+R
  2. Copy and paste the following into the window that appears: %appdata%\Navigraph Charts\logs
  3. Press Ok
  4. A windows explorer window should open with one file listed - main.log.
  5. Create a reply post on this topic, and then drag the file mentioned above into your reply to upload it!

This will give us additional details about what might be happening that would cause you to get signed out!

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Thanks @skysail shall do this, however are there alternative instructions for MacOS?

Sure! For macOS, please do the following instead:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Press + + G to open “Go to Folder”
  3. Type ~/Library/Logs/Navigraph Charts and press enter
  4. A new finder window should open, showing a directory with a main.log file!

I hope this helps, sorry for the delay!

Kind Regards,

[2023-05-10 08:26:37.841] [info] updater-status-message: Checking for update…
[2023-05-10 08:26:37.846] [error] Error: Error: net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper. (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:101:7167)
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper.emit (node:events:527:28)
[2023-05-10 08:26:37.847] [info] updater-status-message: Error when updating: net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED
[2023-05-10 08:26:37.847] [error] Error: net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper. (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:101:7167)
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper.emit (node:events:527:28)
[2023-05-10 08:26:40.200] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: Network Error
[2023-05-10 08:26:50.594] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found
[2023-05-10 08:26:50.595] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found
[2023-05-10 08:26:50.596] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found
[2023-05-10 08:26:50.597] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found
[2023-05-10 08:26:52.101] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found
[2023-05-10 08:26:52.102] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found
[2023-05-10 08:26:53.030] [error] Failed to refresh tokens. Forcing signout. Error: No refresh token found

Ok, so it looks like it’s the ongoing polling for app updates which is causing the sign-out if / when there is no internet connectivity; as it’s unable to do a JWT refresh.

Forcing signout. Error: Network Error

Is it possible to not do this?
And instead just put the app into a ‘hold’ state until connectivity comes back?

Or is it something like licensing with Jeppesen means you’re forced to sign out if you can’t verify the account validity?

This is quite annoying having to sign in due to a break in connection (I am regularly out-and-about on public wifi, which itself usually has a sign-in time limit and requires re-sign in, which is why there are breaks in connectivity throughout the day; and I don’t always quit the app when I’m not using it).

These two things (polling and token refresh failure) are unrelated in this case, but the issue is indeed that we are unable to complete a JWT refresh! See below for more information.

The issue that we have thus far identified is that the app, once it regains focus, tries to verify your session with our servers. This becomes problematic if the network adapter in your computer has entered a sleep state (common for laptops), making the network temporarily unavailable. In your case, it sounds like it could also simply be caused by an unreliable internet connection.

Fortunately, we do believe that we have solved this issue with the next update of the app, which will be released before the weekend. You will still need a stable connection, but it won’t sign you out immediately upon focusing the app anymore, as long as your OS correctly reports your network as being offline.

Yes, not just account validity needs to be verified but you are also not allowed to use the app without an internet connection. This will still be the case with the coming update, and an unstable network connection could still cause problems. This is not something that we can change as it is, indeed, a requirement from our data provider.

I hope this clears up the situation a bit! Sorry for any inconvenience that this might have caused.

Kind Regards,

That makes sense, thank you for looking into it and responding so quickly.

Hopefully the new version will help a bit, I look forward to it!

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The new version has been released! Try it out and let me know if the experience improves!

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simlink_2023-07-19.dlog (3.1 MB)

Hi @PimpyBoyFly !

The original issue in this thread is considered to be solved. Do you still have this same issue regularly, or do you just think that you have a related problem? Signouts can happen for different reasons!

The file that you have attached is a log for Navigraph Simlink, not Navigraph Charts. I suggest that you create a separate thread with more details so that we can understand your situation better.

EDIT: Looks like you already created one. I’ll close this thread!

Kind Regards,