I Can Not Login to FMS Data Manager - Windows 10

Hi, I can’t login to FMS Data Manager lately. (Windows 10) When try to log in and using my registered email and the one time password absolutly nothing happens!

I have no problems logging in to the Navigrapg webpage.

I have totally uninstalled all Navigraph apps, and reinstalled to no avail.

What should I do!

Thankls, David.

Hi David,

Try logging in with the same username and password you logged into the webpage.


Hi Ian!, Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Does not work ! I tried that as well yesterday, and did it again this morning.
When i Put the details in the “Navigraph FMS Data Manager” window, and press either Login button, nothing happens. I can see that the button is being pressed, but window does not react!

Make sure your Windows time is synched to real time.


Thanks! I Pressed “Sync Now” under time & Date settings, Even though the time was synced already, and now i could log in.
Also I used the same password as when logging in to the Navigraph web !
Does this alsop mean that I should not use the One-time pwd as requested in the app in the future?

The one time password is only used once. From then on you should use your normal email and password, and hopefully it will also be remembered between uses.


Ok Ian, Thank you for tour support.

May I ask reg subscriptions, as I now fly so very little due to being busy, I am considering to go month by month for some time.
Will charts etc still work even if not updated with latest AIRAC? Or does everything stop working after a month has passed?

You can revert to Ultimate Monthly but you would need to cancel before the monthly renewal to cease the subscription. You can then use the Navigation Data you have downloaded going forward, though in time it will be out of date.

Charts requires a current subscription to access.


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