How to clear the Charts list in Nav Charts 8

I am using Charts 8. On the left side panel is “torch” icon which shows a list of recently visited airports. How can I clear this list? I can find no way to do this and soon this list will extend off the page. Of course there is no manual for this version of Navigraph Charts which might provide an answer so i am posting this question here. How can I delete all of the airports listed here? Must they be deleted one by one or can you delete all? Thank you.

Steve Haines


There is currently no way to clear the “recents” list as it is just a list/history showing your recent searches. It is there for convenience but you can ignore it and just type the airport you want in the search field.



Perhaps when you do ever get around to publishing a manual for this app you can include this information as it is somewhat confusing to new users. I understand the purpose of the list but find it odd that it cannot be edited. Thank you. —SH