Charts GUI feedback

IMHO the user interface in general in many aspects is counter intuitive.
Software sold for the PC/Windows/Mac environment should adhere to the user interface standards for the respective environments. I’d expect to have keyboard shortcuts available, use Ctrl-A for select, have a means for undo/redo etc. etc.
Nothing here with Navigraph 8. Their user interface philosophy seems to be dominated by smartphone GUI.


Thank you for the suggestions.

We shall shortly release an update containing Flight filtering/sorting which should should address your concerns. The user interface is intended to be as close as possible to the same across multiple platforms.


Hi Ian,

well, your approach re “multiple platform support” will definitley minimize your development costs,
but on the other hand this way you will settle on the lowest common denominator.

From a customer’s point of view this is not what I want nor what I expect from a paid product for
the PC/Desktop platform.

As a PC/Desktop user I want to use a well designed desktop GUI - not a restricted/crippled Android version.

Sorry, but I don’t think I will prolongate my Navigraph Charts subscription.


  • Andy

We’ve had the new Charts app running for almost 6 months with over 1,000 users, and it is now published since 4 months. If this was the general sentiment I think we would have seen this in the forum. You are of course entitled to this opinion and if you are not prolonging your subscription that is again your choice, but the vast majority of users who have voiced their opinion have not been inline with yours and we are guided by the voices of our users.

The best thing we can do is to actually isolate what you are really missing. You mention keyboard shortcuts. What do you want to select with Ctrl+A? What is it that you commonly would like to undo/redo?



sorry for having used Shaine’s original thread for my thoughts about the PC/Desktop GUI.
The issue the original thread owner was reporting about however was a good example
for not having available a well acknowledged PC/Desktop GUI philosophy in Navigraph Charts 8.

So having had the common Ctrl-A kb shortcut available it would not have been any problem to select all the unwanted list entries the orignal thread owner complained about. But this is just a small example I picked.

Planning routes interactively, in case you added a wrong item I “normally” would enter Ctrl-Z (= UNDO) to correct and thats it. Here its a pain, I even can’t do a right click with associated context sensitive UNDO.

Another example? Lets say you display all e.g. STARS and visually would select a suitable one, I’d expect to be able to select the right one simply by right clicking on it - but its only graphical data with no context behind. Instead you have to remember the name and then search/select from the left most column …

In addidtion all the candidates to choose from are visually not very well seperated (not by color, not by structure) so its hard to scroll through all of these flat listed items.

Just some examples …


  • Andy


I’ve moved your feedback into a separate thread.

Undo and redo is not trivial in a complex app such as Charts, where there are multiple ways to edit a flight, for example. We have this on our radar, however. I would argue it isn’t a desktop issue per se.

You can click on the procedure labels to select them, and this will highlight the procedure in the list. We will also make the actual lines selectable.



Hi Steven,

sounds promising.


  • Andy