How can I sort flightplans in the new version 8?

Hi, I am obviously too stupid to find the option to sort my flightplans

  • by date
  • by name

How do I do this?


Hi Michael,


Please see Sort out Flights by Name - #2 by Ian


I really can’t believe, you have missed to program that feature.

Did you also miss to enable deletion of charts from the flight charts collection?? This seems to not work either.

On top the performance on the windows desktop Version is a catastrophy. Every typed letter or scrolling comes with a time shift. Unable to work with this.

Overall I must say, the new version is a disappointing step backwards to me.

Hi Michael,

We didn’t miss it, we chose to release with this functionality to be added in an update.

If you mean deleting flight plans, you unload any flight plan, then in Flights, press the Edit button, select flights you wish to delete, then press Delete.

Unclear why you machine has the slow typing and scrolling. Does this also occur with Charts Cloud.

We are committed to making Charts a great step forward for all in time.


I tried to reinstall an older version but your soft is forcing an upgrade to version 8!

This is not a good customer experience either
!! I expect to have control over which version I am using.

I was so far a big fan of Navigraph. But with this upgrade I am really disappointed.

Ian, thanks for the quick answer.

I mean the personal selection of charts at the footer of the screen.

At least in my desktop version deleting does not work. I click edit , then the red crosses appear as an option. But nothing happens on clicking them

Make sure you unclick the Sync with Current Flight, then you can delete them.


Please enable sorting of my flight library alphabetically by ICAO…as per V7