Navigraph 8 - jump to airport on search not working

Hi, I Love the new user interface for version 8 of the charts app.
one small niggle, when I search for an airport, the map doesn’t jump to the location of that airport on select.
If the airport has charts, you can jump to the chart which moves the map,
however if the airport has no charts there is no way to go to the map place for that airport.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Cheers Dave

Ah, on first search there is a button to press to see the airport,
however if you click on the charts icon, and there are no charts,
then you can’t jump to the airport.
small niggle, and not really worth following up on.
please excuse my madness.


This is on our radar. We will add a button to pan the map to the location of the airport.