Flight plan doesn’t sync with the in-sim panel

The issue I am having is that the flight plan doesn’t sync with the in-sim panel. In the past, I could build a plan on Desktop, save it, and it would appear in the in-sim (along with my pinned charts.) Now I have to type in the plan in the sim display. Am I missing a step?

Thanks. I do love the upgrades on v 8.

Hi …,


Thank you for your kind comments.

We are investigating the best ways to provide this synchronisation.

As an interim solution, the clipboard is probably the best way. It is two way. In both the Charts panel and in Charts 8 there is an Export option > Copy route to clipboard.
After you have copied to clipboard you need to import:

  • To import into Charts 8 from the panel, create a new flight and press the pen icon in the top right corner. Paste and Done.
  • To import into the panel from Charts 8, create a new flight and set the same Origin and Destination as your Charts 8 flight. Press Type route. Paste and Save.