Problem with desktop Charts v8 and Charts-in-Game panel

I switched in desktop to Navigraph Charts V8, but the Charts-In-Game panel in the plane remained in V7.5, and the preparation of a flight in V8 is not imported, you have to redo all over again in the Charts-in-game.
It’s unusable. Can we go back?

Unfortunately, The vector tile technology used by Navigraph Charts 8 is not supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator. Therefore, the Navigraph In-Game Panel in Microsoft Flight Simulator will not be updated, but will continue to function like it does today while we research possible options for its future development.


I find that very unfortunate. As a result, the Chart-In-Game panel no longer has any interest, since the flight plans prepared in Naviçgraph 8 cannot be imported into the panel.
I tried to copy-paste but it doesn’t work.
I give up on the integrated panel and it forces me to have a tablet next to my flight system to follow the flight.
Very disappointed ! And besides, we can’t go back… and we’ve lost all our previous plans.

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I fly only in VR so the new Navigraph charts are useless to me!!! Extremely disappointing!!!


Paste your flightplan into Simbrief and generate the flight and save it. Then import from Simbrief in the ingame panel.

OK Thanks. Generaly, I did the reverse (Generated in Simbrief then, import in Navigraph and choice of the approach).
Does the approach (for exemple the choice of ILS) be saved in Simbrief ?

I only did a quick test, but I don’t think the arrival runway and corresponding ILS is saved. Nor any via’s.
I mostly fly the Fenix A320, and have access to my flight plan through the EFB. For other planes I might store notes in Sky4Sim, ebag (free) or similar. Personally I’d rather have it the way it was. I find the new planing tool bothersome compared to how it was. It’s fancy and everything, but the planing takes more time with the side panel.

From Navigraph Charts 8 click the “edit” icon on the top right which converts your flight plan to plain text. Copy this text.
In the In-Game Panel, click on “Type Route” and paste.

This should work!
What did you mean when you said you already tried to copy and paste?

Thank you, its perfect !

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