iOS link to my in-game charts

I’d like to take time to design a flight plan on my iPad and import it to the in-game charts so that I can then import it to the FMC. Is that possible?

Second question. Alternatively I’d like to design the flight plan in-game and have it synced on my iPad. Is that possible?



Is the use of the Charts In-Game Panel for VR ? If so wouldn’t accessing the iPad, affect the immersion?

If not VR, maybe use Charts Desktop or Charts Cloud on the FS machine and use copy and paste as per my post at Flight plan doesn’t sync with the in-sim panel


Hi Ian,

Yes I only use the in-game panel for VR. Otherwise I have a second computer that I run Navigraph on so no issues. It’s not really that big a deal to set up the flight plan in the game panel. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing an obvious shortcut. Great job on V8 and I totally understand why it won’t work in-sim. Sorry so many people don’t understand that!