Flight plan created on charts app carried over to the in-game panel

Would it be possible to implement a system whereby we can create a new flight plan from scratch or take one from simbrief and adjust it slightly and then have it automatically carried over to the in-game panel from the desktop charts app?

I fly exclusively in VR so the in-game panel is great for this, however if I do my flight planning outside MSFS on the charts app I then have to repeat the steps I have already done to have the same flight plan loaded on to the in-game panel which is a bit annoying having to repeat all the steps again.

It would be great to have both the charts app and the in-game panel linked together somehow.

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Hello! Thanks for posting!

Hmm. This should already be the case. The new (!) panel and the new (!) desktop app should stay in sync, as they use the same database. Are you sure that you are running the latest version of both our app and our panel?

Also, make sure that you are signed into the same account!

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